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Stories appeal to us. We love stories because we are part of a larger story. The Scriptures tell the story of God and how He interacts with humanity through the course of salvation history. When we see our lives as a story and part of God’s larger story, it brings greater meaning to our life and our choices. God can use our stories to draw people to Him. Through this series, we explore our story and how telling that story can help draw others to Him.

Week One: Epic Story

In Scripture, we find the Creator inviting men and women to interweave their own stories with God’s greater story of the universe. The Magi model this for us. They accept God’s invitation to join His epic narrative. This choice to participate with God’s story leads to Jesus surviving childhood and putting into action the Creator’s salvific plan. The choice of the Magi changed the course of history.

Week Two: From Story to Covenant

In week 2 of Story of Your Life, we explore how participating in God’s epic narrative means choosing to view our experiences through the lens of God’s wisdom and insight … and sharing that story with others. When we choose to co-author with God, we become a light. Our stories, the joy, pain, and everything in between, help others discover God in their own narrative.

Week Three: The Story of God & You

In Week 3 of our Message Series: The Story of Your Life, we hear about the Wedding at Cana. Mary was able to help the couple because she knew their story. When we are in relationship, our stories are known and understood by others. We become known and know others when we participate in our parish community It is here we begin to see how God is working in our lives. We are transformed and we become Christ’s hands and feet.

Week Four: From Regret to Redemption

We are filled with regret when we recognize where our lives have fallen short of God’s intent for us. It’s a painful realization. But there is hope when we also recognize God loves us simply because we are … not for any other reason. He is co-writing our story and while we might take detours, He is always there, waiting to take up the narrative again. And that story can be used to for good, it is a story of redemption and salvation.

Week Five: Autobiography

In Week 5 of our Message Series, Story of Your Life, we explore how we are formed by the expectations of this world and how we attempt to become who we “should” be instead of who God is asking us to be. But like Jeremiah, God’s call for us requires vulnerability, authenticity … and trust that God will equip us for His call. Our autobiography is being written, trust that it is worth being told and that God’s voice will be heard through your story.

Week Six: Writing God into the Narrative

In our final week of Story of Your Life, Peter recognizes Jesus as someone very different and writes God into the narrative. Like Peter, when we accept our brokenness in the presence of God and trust in His love for us, no matter what, we are freed. When we allow our experiences, mistakes and all, to draw others to Christ, we write God into the narrative. Our stories are our greatest tool in sharing God with others.

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The Eucharist.

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Extraordinary Form: 2nd Sunday of the month at 3 PM

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Daily Mass:
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Misa diaria: Miercoles (New Church) 7 PM
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