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“Needy” will take us through the season of Lent. Spirituality 101 is this: there is a God and it is not us. God is the Creator and we are the created. We are not entirely self-sufficient, we have needs that are outside ourselves. To grow in relationship with God and others requires that we accept the reality of those needs and that we learn to meet those needs well.


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Week One: Tempted

The first homily in the message series “Needy,” comes on the First Sunday of Lent.

This week, we will look at our needs, and ask the question, do we attempt to fulfill our real needs in unhealthy ways or even dismiss the needs of others because we do not see them as real or legitimate?

Week Two: Need for God

The second homily in the message series “Needy,” comes on the Second Sunday of Lent.

We will explore our need for God, His desire to meet all our legitimate needs, and for us to trust in His complete care for us.

Week Three: Need for Work and Rest

The third homily in the message series “Needy,” comes on the Third Sunday of Lent.

This week’s Message acknowledges the need or right to work, to work with dignity and respect, is a fundamental right as a child of God. We will also acknowledge the right to rest, refresh, recover, and worship our God.

Week Four: Need for Healing

The fourth homily in the message series “Needy,” comes on the Fourth Sunday of Lent.

It is inevitable that in our lifetime, we will suffer hurts in our hearts and souls. We need healing. It does not make us weak or diminish us, instead it is hard, committed work. We will explore how this arduous pursuit of healing enables us to act from our heart and not from our pain.

Week Five: Need to Die to Self

The fifth and final homily in the message series “Needy,” comes on the Fifth Sunday of Lent.

We close out this series with a discussion on dying to ourselves and surrendering to God’s will. We recognize this is hard, ongoing work. We hear the Gospel but struggle to live it because we just don’t know how. This week, we will explore how to tackle this hard work with small, incremental, intentional steps.

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