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The Harvest Principle

In our lives as in agriculture, we reap what we sow.

The Harvest Principle is a simple concept: you reap what you sow. We learn this basic principle of life from agriculture and farming. Now, when it comes to our lives, this principle remains true. Our actions matter and will impact our life’s outcomes. What we do now, or fail to do, impacts our future.

Week One: You Reap What You Sow

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In this week we kick off the message series. Our present
circumstances are largely determined by our past choices and
decisions. We reap the small choices and decisions in the
present that we have made in the past. Our introduction to
the series describes the principle and how we can get it
working for us and how the principle interplays with grace.

Week Two: Vocation

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A vocation is a call from God about the most fundamental direction of my life. God desires to bring about a rich harvest in us of holiness and virtue. Faithfully living our vocations is the truest path to reaping this harvest.

Week Three: Mark 12:41-44

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In this week’s message, we again look at the principle of “we reap what we sow”. When it comes to our time, talent and treasure, we are all called to use the gifts God has given us. The seeds we sow now will make an eternal impact in our lives and the lives of others. We don’t just devote all we have in the present, but sow seeds for the future. With this in mind we reflect on the importance of investing both in our earthly and heavenly futures by utilizing our time, talent and treasure.

Week Four: Wisdom/Learning God’s Word

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Scripture: Mark 13:24-32
In this fourth week, we look at how we are sowing wisdom for ourselves, especially when it comes to God’s Word. Spending time in God’s Word leads to greater wisdom and right action in our lives. Jesus says that the world will pass away, but his words will last forever. By investing in God’s Word we invest in our eternal futures.

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